Ode to Karen.

In recent months I have been on a reading and researching rampage. I have been calling, questioning, emailing, and contacting dozens of people from all around the world, searching for interventions for my boys. I have also been on a doing, trying bonanza. For example, last month our family flew back to Australia for a... Continue Reading →

Becoming mother.

Motherhood has been a continual becoming for me becoming stronger stronger than I ever knew I could be Being thrust into the very present of the sweetest highs or counting each breath when I have nothing more to give becoming more honest of my needs my limitations no running ahead into the future with so... Continue Reading →

The mother lion.

And again I am stumped. So much of my son's medical care continues to rest on my ability to speak up, suggest, prod, and generally be a pain in the butt to those in our medical world. Right from the beginning, our son River's health has stumped doctors. From when he was two weeks old... Continue Reading →

The year is done.

And so I take a big sigh. We made it through - the year is done. This year, like the last few years since we had our boys, has felt like a whole lifetime of living. So what has happened for us this year? Well for starters our deaf son learnt to hear and speak,... Continue Reading →

Happy world cerebral palsy day.

Today is world cerebral palsy day. Never before would I have imagined that this day would feel so personal, and make me feel so emotional. Before the birth of my beautiful twin boys, I had never related or understood much of what cerebral palsy was. Cerebral palsy, or more affectionately known as CP to those... Continue Reading →

I think this is love.

As I rush around the house packing all of the things we need for going away this weekend, and it is a FULL car load of things, I think about the weekend Tim is going to have. While I will be going to stay with friends with the kids on my own he will stay home for the weekend. He will get a full night sleep, which he never has as River wakes at least twice a night due to his floppy airway. He will have rest and free time, which is a very rare thing.

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