The year is done.

And so I take a big sigh. We made it through – the year is done.

This year, like the last few years since we had our boys, has felt like a whole lifetime of living.

So what has happened for us this year?

Well for starters our deaf son learnt to hear and speak, and is now frequently saying two words at a time.

Thanks to the miracle of the cochlear implant it all started working back in March while I was preparing dinner.

A simple ‘ahh ohh’. A deliberate and clear sound that pierced my heart. With tears in my eyes I yelled to my husband, ‘he is hearing, he is speaking!’ And since then an avalanche of new noises, words, and more and more moments of him responding to sound.

And what else? our boys had two surgeries, instead of 10 the year before; one brief hospital stay, instead of 4 and a half months the year before; one serious overdose from our local pharmacy; a new life long disability diagnosis; no cancer scares, compared to two last year; dozens of specialist appointments; and over a hundred therapy sessions.

We had a real holiday with our closest friends to the mountains, where we rode bikes and climbed mountains with the boys on our backs. Something we hadn’t even dreamed of doing back at the start of this year.

Park trips, tunnel rides, and both boys now able to use non-supported walkers. Another thing I didn’t even think possible for either of them a few months ago.

Continued broken sleeps, and dozens of steroids and countless nebulizers. A few doses of antibiotics that completely cleared up River’s airway and probably saved his life – thanks modern medicine again!

A new language starting to become a part of our lives as we try to bring in more and more sign. I love this visual and creative way of communication we are discovering.

A greater understanding and awakening to the disability world, as we begin to see that this is a life-long journey both our boys are now on. With things like space and accessibility changing how I see the world, and determining how I negotiate each day.

Incredible sentences, questions and humour from Zach. Amazing climbing, standing and exploring from River.

Nothing is lost on us, everything is celebrated.

And amongst the big days, and continued bad nights, I often feel like the luckiest mother in the world. So much joy each day, and a deep gratefulness of what we have.

And so the year is done.

And it feels like it took all we had, and incredibly, gave back more than we could imagine.


2 thoughts on “The year is done.

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  1. I love your attitude and honesty. You are all such an inspiration and witness to God’s love, grace and joy fullness. Much love to you all and may 2018 be a year of health and blessing. Ashley & Jan


  2. Hi jess so happy to read that everything is going better with the boys and that 2018 looks promising. If you guys are passing Sydney please let me know. My house is always open for you and would love to see you. X


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